Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

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Sewage treatment plants

Sewage is a dilute mixture of various wastes from residential, commercial and other places. The characteristic of sewage depends on its discharge. Sewage contains only a small percentage of solids in relation to large amounts of water. Liquid content  of the sewage is 99.9% while total amount of solids (both suspended as well as dissolved) is only  0.1% Sewage treatment is a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes.

Preliminary treatment process remove floating materials and also heavy settable inorganic solids like grit and fragments of masonry etc.
Various units involved in preliminary treatment are:
1. Screenings, for remove of floating matter
2. Grit chamber or detritus tank, for removal of sand and grit
3. Comminuter for grinding or chopping large size suspended solids
4. Floatation unit and skimming tanks for the removal of solid and grease
5. Flow measuring units, such Parshall flume
6. Pumping
7. Preparation
Our work
We provide the complete solution for the treatment of sewage for the community housing, etc. The design is done with regard to the proper quality of the sewage handled. Our expertise in designing of the community services goes as far as decade. All the units be it aerobic or anaerobic are designed and commissioned as per the requirement of the clients as well as the level of treatment required. Not only the commissioning but also operation and maintenance of the various STP are done by Salila Envirotech.
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